Looking to buy a home or other property? A valuation is often not only required by your mortgage lender, but also highly useful to determine whether you’ll pay an appropriate price. We perform valuations for all types of properties. Reliable, involved and professional.

All our valuation reports are 100% guaranteed to be accepted by all mortgage lenders in the Netherlands. Our valuators are all registered with one of the official industry organisations (LMV, NVM, VBO of RVT) as well as one of three official valuator registers (NRVT, CRMT, SCVM).

Get an even better deal in combination with a structural inspection

Buying a property is often the most considerable purchase of your personal or professional life. As defects or deficiencies that go unnoticed during the buying process may lead to significant future expenses, having a structural inspection carried out is advised. This helps you to prevent unpleasant post factum discoveries and strengthens your legal position within the context of the Dutch obligation to properly inspect a property in the buying stage.

As many of our customers choose for both a valuation and a structural inspection, we offer you an even better deal when combining these two services. Scroll down for pricing, sample reports or to contact us, or read more about our valuations.

Our valuation reports are accepted by all large mortgage lenders in the Netherlands, as we fully comply with the most recent standardised model determined nationwide by the Dutch contact institution for mortgage lenders (CHF, ‘Contactorgaan Hypothecair Financiers’). Furthermore, we maintain an official collaboration with the Dutch Institute for the Valuation of Properties NWWI Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut), where all our valuators are registered too. This ensures that your valuator is familiar with the local area and never operates outside a 20km radius of his own office, or even in a smaller radius in major cities. This way, you can rely on a solid valuation of your property.

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