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Looking for a trusted partner to inspect, examine, survey or issue labels for your home, commercial property, rental property or apartment building? You’ve come to the right place. During the purchase or sale and while you are the owner, we provide you with certainty about your property.

As a renowned expert agency, many contractors,  businesses, real estate agents, consumers, owners associations and lessors have come to trust us. Since 2002, we offer transparent insights in structural aspects, maintenance needs and other value-determining aspects to help you make validated decisions about your property. Welcome!

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Construction supervision

Price on request

Structural inspection

Receive an extensive report about the technical state of a home or other property. Of course you can be present during the inspection to ask any questions you want.

Structural inspection + Energy label

An even more competitive price for the combination of an extensive report of both the technical state and energy performance of your home or other property.

Structural inspection + valuation

Obtain insight in the structural state and the valuation of your home or other property at a highly competitive price. You´ll receive extensive reports for both aspects.

Sustainable multi year maintenance plan

Price on request

Energy label (non-residential)

Insights in the current energy performance and opportunities for further improvement. We provide you with the energy label, an energy savings plan and the official registration.

Energy label (homes)

Offering an energy label while selling or letting a property is legally required. We issue this label and the corresponding report at a competitive price.

Expert opinion

Disputes about structural affairs are solved with an objective, thorough inspection. Our report contains conclusions, photos and recommendations. Contact us for a tailored price for your situation.

Price on request

Foundation inspection

Depending on the local situation and possible causes, each foundation inspection is different. Contact us for a cost estimate for your situation.

Price on request

Building maintenance

Price on request

Sustainability advice

An energy label with the current energy performance of your home and an extensive report with concrete recommendations for further improvement.

Visual-only structural inspection

A structural inspection without the official report. The visual-only structural inspection offers you solid insights in the structural state of a property at a bargain price.

Multi-Year Maintenance Plan

A transparent budget and grip on your structural maintenance. Our multi-year maintenance plan enables you to plan up to 50 years ahead. We also support in the procurement process for maintenance.

Creating a floor plan incl, measurement report

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Acceptance inspection

Every newly built property is completed with various non-conformities. With this inspection we identify and report them all, enabling your contractor to solve them for you.

Safety inspection gas, water, electricity

Gas, water and electric facilities offer both comfort and risks. After a safety inspection of these infrastructures inside your home, you can rest assured that everything is safe.

Floor inspection

Prevent or limit the scope of costly floor repairs with an extensive inspection that comes with a written report, conclusions and an independent estimate of any required repairs.

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Moisture inspection

Prevention is considerably better than remediation when it comes to moisture problems. Our moisture inspection helps you to prevent problems or determine the cause and consequent solutions.

Preliminary structural inspection (baseline measurement)

Register the state of an (adjacent) building before commencing construction work that may cause damage. This prevents discussions and strengthens your legal position.


Price on request

Certified quality

Know-how and expertise

As a certified inspection bureau, we specialise in structural inspections for virtually every type of property. Our vast experience gives us the know-how and expertise to perform meticulous and reliable inspections. Our experts provide for thorough valuations, maintenance advice and all other aspects related to the structural and environmental elements of your property.

We work for private property owners, real estate agents, housing corporations, financial service providers, owners associations, municipalities and (semi-)public institutions, as well as for insurance companies, project developers, foundations and businesses. Each customer we serve is given certainty about their property!

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