Visual only structural inspection

A visual-only inspection is a structural inspection in which you don’t receive a written report and consequently, offers you a bargain. Our expert offers the same insights in the structural state of the property and any repair costs associated with the home or other type of building, as you would obtain with a regular structural inspection.

During this inspection, our expert inspects a large number of structural elements of the property. While you join him through the building, you are informed about every aspect. The pricing for our visual-only structural inspection is even more competitive as no written report of conclusions is created afterwards. 

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More information about the visual only structural inspection

During a visual only structural inspection, one of our experts visits the home or other property. Together with you, the entire property is inspected by an experienced and professional inspector who evaluates the structural state of the property. Any deficiencies or defects are identified and discussed on the spot, for which our expert is often able to mention estimate repair prices.

Furthermore, you will receive plenty of useful maintenance tips for your property during this inspection, many of which are unknown to many people. Did you know, for instance, that dormers made from synthetic materials stay in optimal state if you apply a thin layer of car wax on them twice a year? Ample time is available after the inspection to discuss the general perception of the property with the inspector and to zoom in on individual topics. This helps you to make more validated decisions, for instance about whether to buy the property and how to reflect any shortcomings in your negotiations.

Please note: do you prefer to receive an extensive report with all conclusions after the inspection? Or does your mortgage lender require such a report? If this is the case you need a structural inspection

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Visual-only structural inspection

A structural inspection without the official report. The visual-only structural inspection offers you solid insights in the structural state of a property at a bargain price.

Scope Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
t/m 500m3 € 230,58 € 279,00
Meerprijs > 500m3 (per 100m3) € 32,65 € 39,51
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