Multi-year maintenance plan

Apartment buildings, residential buildings, commercial properties and other property types all need regular maintenance. To clearly map this work and the associated expenses, we will gladly support you in creating a thorough multi-year maintenance plan.

In order to create this plan for you, we first complete an extensive structural inspection of the property. Based on the information gathered in this stage, we determine which elements require specific maintenance and connect time intervals and price estimates to these needs.

We will of course also gladly assist you in updating your existing multi-year maintenance plan, in the honest, customer-oriented and transparent way our customers grew accustomed to.

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More information about your multi-year maintenance plan

Whether you are responsible for a special type of property such as an old church, a monument or a farm, or a large complex such as an office building or an apartment building, they all require regular maintenance to maintain their value, appearance and comfort in optimal shape. Many aspects are involved with this responsibility.

This includes paintwork, for instance, as well as the lifecycle of wooden elements such as door and window frames, while sustainability aspects such as LED lighting are also becoming increasingly important. A multi-year maintenance plan provides you with an aggregated overview of all these individual aspects and with it, a clear forecast of projects and the associated expenses. This provides you with clarity and grip.

If the last version of your multi-year maintenance plan is outdated, we can also service your needs for a single or annual update. This offers virtually 100% certainty about the future maintenance expenses for your property.

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Multi-Year Maintenance Plan

A transparent budget and grip on your structural maintenance. Our multi-year maintenance plan enables you to plan up to 50 years ahead. We also support in the procurement process for maintenance.

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