Safety inspection for homes

Your heating, lighting and a hot shower turn your home into a pleasant environment. However, each of these utilities are also potentially hazardous. By having a periodic safety inspection performed, you can rest assured that your home is not only a pleasant, but also a safe place.

Daily usage of your gas, water and electric installations cause wear and tear, contamination and other defects that may cause hazardous situations. During a safety inspection, every aspect of these facilities is professionally inspected.

We carry out these inspections in compliance with the NTA 8025 standard, which defines exactly which aspects must be verified. You can opt for a single safety inspection, or schedule one periodically.

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More information about safety inspections

This type of inspection is recommended periodically for every home, to prevent elements might have deteriorated to cause hazardous or even life-threatening situations. Consequently, many home owners choose to have this inspection performed periodically, or at a minimum after having completed construction projects that involved the gas, electricity and water infrastructures.

During the safety inspection, all installation, pipes and cables of your electricity, gas and water connections are inspected and evaluated. For instance, the safety inspector identifies which protective measures were implemented and whether they are applied correctly. Various measurements are also performed to ensure that the absence of gas leaks, that all gas appliances work correctly, earthing systems still function properly, the air does not contain any combustion gases and water pipes have no risk of developing the legionella bacteria. 

After the completion of your safety inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report in writing. This describes exactly which elements of your home were inspected and which risks may be present for the various installations inside it. 

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Safety inspection gas, water, electricity

Gas, water and electric facilities offer both comfort and risks. After a safety inspection of these infrastructures inside your home, you can rest assured that everything is safe.

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Woning t/m 1000m3 € 181,82 € 220,00
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