EPA energy label for homes and other properties

Providing your buyer or lessee with an energy label is legally required in the Netherlands while selling or letting a newly constructed or existing home or other type of property. An energy performance advice (EPA) is part of creating this label, which offers various recommendations to improve the energy performance.

The energy label and EPA are official reports which may only be created and issued by certified inspectors. Our inspectors issue these labels and advices for all types of properties, in full compliance with national standards NEN 2580 and BRL9500, which help to safeguard the reliability of the energy label and EPA.

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More information about energy labels

To create an energy label and EPA, the inspector visits your property to carry out various required measurements in different rooms and installations.

After having completed this visit, all measurements are analysed by modelling the building with calculation software. This enables the inspector to accurately calculate all values. The result is an energy label that presents the current energy performance on a single page, as well as the energy performance advice (EPA) with practical tips on how to further improve the sustainability of your home or other type of property. 

An improved energy label translates to lower monthly expenses for the future owner or lessor of your object, and consequently also tends to translate into a higher sales or rental price. Implementing the improvement opportunities mentioned in the EPA is therefore often an investment with a positive return.

Prices, sample reports and request now

Energy label (homes)

Offering an energy label while selling or letting a property is legally required. We issue this label and the corresponding report at a competitive price.

Scope Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
t/m 150m2 € 276,86 € 335,00
Meerprijs > 150m2 (per 30m2) € 24,38 € 29,50
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Energy label (non-residential)

Insights in the current energy performance and opportunities for further improvement. We provide you with the energy label, an energy savings plan and the official registration.

Scope Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
t/m 100m2 € 495,00 € 598,95
101 - 250m2 € 695,00 € 840,95
251 - 500m2 € 990,00 € 1197,90
501 - 1000m2 € 1150,00 € 1391,50
1001 - 1500m2 € 1550,00 € 1875,50
> 1500m2 € 0,00 € 0,00
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