Structural inspection

If you’re looking to buy a house or another type of property, we strongly advise you to have it structurally inspected. This provides you with clear insights about the structural state of the property and an estimate of any expected repairs costs for deficiencies. It also fulfils the duty of investigation for buyers set forth in Dutch law, which strengthens your legal position in case of any future dispute with the selling party.

During a structural inspection, our certified inspectors evaluate the property and report about various aspects. Does your mortgage lender require a structural inspection report as a mortgage condition? All our reports are delivered with the Dutch NHG appendices and are guaranteed to be accepted by all major mortgage lenders in the Netherlands.

We offer structural inspections for all types of properties, fully compliant with all applicable official standards. Our reports provide an extensive, comprehensible clarification and are offered at a competitive price. 

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More information about structural inspections

To perform a structural inspection, one of our experts visits the property, at which time you can of course be present yourself. Various structural elements are inspected in every area of the home. Once completed, an extensive report is created that is submitted to you within just a few days.

Elements of the building that are evaluated include the facades, floors, cellar, sewerage, roof and roof construction, the sanitary facilities, window frames, water pipes, chimney, roof glands, kitchen, stairs, tiling, paintwork, hinges and locks. All these elements are evaluated realistically, while you are alerted about any deficiencies and shortcomings the property may have. This includes an estimate of the associated repair costs on the short and medium-term.

With these results you will know what’s ahead of you, which also enables you to negotiate better and make an even better decision about buying your new home, commercial property or other type of property.

Do you want to have an inspection performed, without needing an official report? You might want to consider our  visual-only inspection. This offers you the same insights, at an even more competitive price!

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Structural inspection

Receive an extensive report about the technical state of a home or other property. Of course you can be present during the inspection to ask any questions you want.

Scope Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
t/m 500m3 € 313,22 € 379,00
Meerprijs > 500m3 (per 100m3) € 32,65 € 39,51
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