Preliminary structural survey

With a preliminary structural survey, also called a baseline measurement, contractors and their clients can either accurately determine or reject liability for damage to other structures that may have occurred during the construction process. We provide you with clear and unambiguous reports. 

By registering existing defects and deficiencies to neighbouring properties (adjacencies) or infrastructure, prior to commencing your own construction work, clear proof is created for all parties involved. Consequently, many CAR insurance companies now require having this preliminary structural survey completed prior to commencing the construction phase.

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More information about preliminary structural surveys

Although somewhat rare from a statistical point of view, damage may occur to neighbouring infrastructure (adjacencies) during construction work. If this happens, contractors, clients and their insurance companies are often confronted with skyrocketing liability claims.

If any defects or deficiencies in these adjacencies were registered before the work started, there is no doubt that they were already present prior to the commencement of construction work. If this is the case, liability can be entirely rejected. If, on the other hand, the damage was caused by the construction work, the report offers a clear baseline to exactly calculate damages. 

In practical situations we often see that preliminary structural inspections mostly have a preventative effect on damage claims as it leaves little room for discussion. For situations in which damage has occurred, quick answers and next steps can be determined. As causality and the scope of the damage can be quickly determined, lengthy discussions and litigation are often prevented.

Our experienced inspectors know exactly what to look for during these preliminary structural inspections and report all relevant findings in a comprehensible report. This way, you can give the go ahead for the construction without having to worry about unnecessary claims.

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Preliminary structural inspection (baseline measurement)

Register the state of an (adjacent) building before commencing construction work that may cause damage. This prevents discussions and strengthens your legal position.

Scope Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
t/m 500m3 € 296,70 € 359,01
Meerprijs > 500m3 (per 100m3) € 32,65 € 39,51
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